Friday, January 11, 2013
A few days after Christmas, my Finley turned six. The tiny baby with the giant head who could barely wait to make his grand entrance, is now SIX YEARS OLD! I didn't expect that six would be such a big deal for me but it is. It's as if overnight he has become more thoughtful, patient, mature, and caring. I am liking six very much (but I'll try not tempt fate because he's only been six for a couple of weeks). 

Love this little guy.

And on a totally separate note, I am starting to feel a bit crafty again so I'm thinking that a tutorial (or two) for Valentine's Day is in order. Until then, you can check out some tutorials from last Valentine's Day here, here, and here.


melissa said...

Happy 6th birthday to your Paisley turns six in a few weeks. It is a BIG deal! Looking forward to your v-day crafts.


Victoria Rayu said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little man!
Waiting for your new tutorials too ))

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